To promote the brand on the market or advertise your establishment, you can order cups with an individual logo.

For single-layer cups, the minimum order is 45,000 cups of the same type and size. In some cases, it is possible to reduce the order to 30 thousand pieces. For two-layer cups, the minimum circulation is 30,000 pieces. The application of logos is carried out by a flexographic printing machine, the maximum number of logo colors is 8.
Requirements for layout design: The layout is accepted electronically in Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop format. Vector elements are provided in vector format *.cdr, *.eps, *.ai, raster elements - in raster formats *.tif, *.psd, all elements must be separate "layers" , CMYK mode, resolution from 300 dpi. All fonts are converted to curves and transferred along with the layout. Please provide the layout in the form of a rectangle, without bending it in the form of a segment. Our designers will independently carry out technical revision and we will provide the finished layout in its final form.

Dimensions of layouts for single-layer cups:
For a cup of 110 ml – height 80 mm, width 160 mm
For a cup of 175 ml – height 100 mm, width 200 mm
For a cup of 250 ml – height 110 mm, width 220 mm
For a cup of 350 ml – height 130 mm, width 240 mm
For a cup of 500 ml – height 150 mm, width 225 mm
For soup tureen 500 ml – height 95 mm, width 290 mm

Sizes of layouts for two-layer glasses:
For a cup of 175 ml – height 76 mm, width 191 mm
For a cup of 250 ml – height 87 mm, width 205 mm
For a cup of 350 ml – height 107 mm, width 208 mm
For a glass of 500 ml – height 130 mm, width 233 mm

Due to the technological features of the placement of design elements on the glass segment, Ecocup reserves the right to change the placement of some design elements on the cup. All changes are additionally agreed with the customer.